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2016 Sponsors

CHI has launched the 2016 Helmet Initiative and always welcomes sponsors to donate and allow students with financial constraints to have a helmet.

Sponsors can sponsor individual schools or whole school boards. With the help of the school boards we can determine which students require helmets due to financial constraints.

Sponsors can also donate to help spread awareness about the importance of wearing helmets (it prevents injuries and can save lives).

We would like to thank all the school boards that participated in past Helmet Initiatives. Also we would like the send a special thanks to HHI (Hamilton Helmet Initiative) for helping in making these Helmet Initiatives successful.

We would like to thank all the principals and teachers for helping spread the awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet.

To sponsor please call or email.

The Helmet Initiative was launched in Hamilton, Ontario. With the help of The City of Hamilton - HHI (Hamilton Helmet Initiative). The HHI was a partnership between The City of Hamilton - Public Health Services, McMaster Children's Hospital and .... Together we raised over $20,000. Thank you to all participants.

Many thanks to the Generous Program Sponsors and students and families that participated in the past:

• AVIVA Insurance Group
• Big Bee Convenience Stores
• CBM Chartered Accountants
• City Of Hamilton
• Cooperators Insurance
• Dalton Timmis Insurance Group
• Findlay Law Attorneys
• Greg Padovani
• NTACT Insurance Group
• Main Street Health Recovery
• Malhotra, Stayshyn and Willson
• Mr. Hussein Hamdani JR.
• Nicholas Morelli Memorial Foundation
• Nothrbridge Financial Corp.
• Vito A. Sgro Professional Corp.

Thank you to all the students and families that participated and donated.

Thank you for making the program successful.

Thank you to all sponsors (past, present and future).


Head injuries are the second most common sport and recreational injury. Helmets are effective in reducing the risk of injury and mitigating the extent of injury to the head / brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object.
(Cushman, R. Position statement on legislated helmet use by users of non-motorized wheeled vehicles. Ottawa Public Health, November 29, 2004)




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