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CHI is a not for profit organization, dedicated to reducing head injuries and promoting physical fitness. Some of the ways we will be doing this is by:

• making affordable recreational helmets readily available through schools and community sites.

• ensuring that free helmets are available through schools and community programs to those who face barriers to access them.

• supporting access to programming that increases knowledge and skills related to activities that require helmets.

• promoting physical fitness and safety

How CHI came about:

A review of injury prevention and physical participation programs by national organizations revealed the following gaps:

• Programs are not sustainable (year after year) • No alignment between the different stakeholders and thereby no coordinated strategy. • Programs offered have a limited reach • No long term efficacy was being achieved • No program was addressing all three core areas at once: Access to free and affordable helmets, safety awareness education and free activities that students could partake in to build skill sets and practically apply the safety aspect of it.

As a result CHI was formed to address these gaps.


The CHI (Canada Helmet Initiative) is a partnership of community organizations with the common goal to reduce brain injuries and promote physical participation by increasing access to helmets, providing education through supportive programs and providing activities at school level to practice safety and build skill set.

Our Aim:

• Provide access to quality affordable helmets
• Provide access to free helmets for those students with financial constraints
• Disseminate safety awareness and education and promote physical participation at school level
• Provide free access to season based activities advocating safe participation and developing skill set


•Provide quality helmets at low cost price to students and families through every school across Canada
• Provide free helmets to students and families facing financial constraints across Canada
• Provide each school across Canada with a portion of the processed for each helmet sold for school based activities
• To ensure that children and parents are provided with education through supportive programs in schools and the community.

Quick Facts:

• Injuries are not accidents and can be prevented. (
• The most severe injuries resulting from wheeled activities involve the head and brain. Even what appear to be minor head injuries may cause permanent brain damage. (Parachute Canada, 2013)
• 88% of brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a properly fitted helmet. (Insurance Bureau of Canada, 2013)

A Video on Concussions:

Program Highlights:

• A great quality, stylishly designed and fully certified helmet at wholesale costs – way below retail.
• Distributed through educational institutions (primary & secondary schools)
• There is a contribution margin, $1 per helmet, to be used for extra curricular activities and purchase of helmets for those children who cannot afford to buy one.
• Disseminates awareness, promotion of physical participation and safety wear.
• Free layered events offered through the coalition (after school, on weekends and holiday - diverse times / locations) to endorse physical participation and to inculcate a ”MINDSET / CULTURE CHANGE”.
• CHI is responsible for all fulfillment (logistics, delivery & service issues, etc).
• Campaign run year-round (Twice: spring/summer & winter).
• Easy to administer; Self containing Kit, all teacher has to do is hand out and collect, all processing is done by CHI

Objective & Goals:

•Free Helmets: portion of the proceeds to be used to provide free helmets and to cover expenses incurred.
• Mindset / Culture Change:: to have a mindset change in reference to physical participation and use of safety equipment.
• Diverse Events Proliferation: to provide layered events : to provide initiative through as many diverse channels as we can in a
sequenced mode (day cares / Montessori, Elementary schools, high schools, colleges & universities, Children's hospitals, police events, parks and recreation, etc.
• Optimal Collaboration: to involve as many collaborators to ensure efficacy - health authorities, school boards, police depts, Canbike, NGOs and not-for-profits, hospitals, public health nurses, sports associations, transportation depts., lawyers associations, insurance companies, private, public & religious organizations, etc.
• Self-Sustaining Initiative
• Year-Round Coverage: year-round campaign » provides helmets and safety accessories for activities requiring safety equipment: cycling, skateboarding, long-boarding, inline skating, baseball, softball, hockey, ringette, skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, etc.

CHI Initiative Partners

HHI (Hamilton Helmet Initiative)
Bike for Mike
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
Parachute Canada
Brain Injury Services / Step Up! ABI Recovery
• Public Health Authorities across Canada
• Law Firms Across Canada
• Police Services across Canada
• Public District School Boards
• Catholic District School Boards
• Children's' Hospitals
• Ministries of Education
• Ministries of Health
Brain Injury Association of Canada
• Certified CanBike Instructors.
Seven Star Sports


Head injuries are the second most common sport and recreational injury. Helmets are effective in reducing the risk of injury and mitigating the extent of injury to the head / brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object.
(Cushman, R. Position statement on legislated helmet use by users of non-motorized wheeled vehicles. Ottawa Public Health, November 29, 2004)




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